It’s Comic-Con Every Day at The Comic Bug!

While everyone was getting ready for their annual pilgrimage to San Diego Comic-Con, also known as the Convention of Professional Line Waiting, I paid a visit to one of the coolest and friendliest shops in the South Bay, The Comic Bug, for my very own line-less, neighborhood version of Comic-Con.

Nestled just a few minutes outside of downtown Manhattan Beach, The Comic Bug is a regular host for artist and writer appearances, and this latest session featured Stjepan Sejic, Linda Sejic and Matt Hawkins from Top Cow Productions.

Stjepan and Matt are one of my favorite creative teams, having recently wrapped up an action-packed story in Aphrodite IX.

Aphrodite IX

Since this was a rather intimate gathering, I had an opportunity to request a sketch from Stjepan, an otherwise impossible feat because he lives in Croatia.

Stjepan Sejic Sketching Aphrodite IX

After about 10 minutes, I was handed this awesome piece of artwork:

Aphrodite IX Sketch by Stjepan Sejic

Stjepan Sejic

Linda was also treating fans to some fantastic sketches.

Image via Facebook

Photo via Facebook

Matt doesn’t draw, but we did have a nice conversation about how he’s been honing his writing process over the years. He’s currently busy penning stories for The Tithe, Postal and IXth Generation.

Matt Hawkins

As you prepare for the epic spectacle that is Comic-Con, please don’t forget to say thank you to your local comic book shops who bring you entertainment, special appearances and fan-service all year round.

Be sure to visit Stjepan, Linda and Matt at Top Cow Productions’ Comic-Con booth #2629 this weekend!

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