House of Red

As an automotive enthusiast, one of my favorite pastimes is visiting exotic car dealerships because they often unintentionally double as an art gallery or museum with their rotating showroom inventory and customer cars coming in for service.

Excited by the news of a Ferrari IPO in the near future (you’ll be able to purchase shares of the company on the New York Stock Exchange as early as mid-October), I paid a visit to the newest prancing horse stable in the greater Los Angeles area, Ferrari South Bay.

Ferrari 458 Speciale

The latest addition to the showroom is a 2015 Bianco Avus 458 Speciale, the brand’s most extreme performance V8 sports car to date.

Ferrari 458 Speciale

I love the way this particular model has been optioned and the fact that its color is not some variation of red, but with a $439,000 price tag, I’m going to have to be content with owning a few shares of the company and visiting my “investments” from time to time. Ha!

Ferrari 458 Speciale

The area upstairs is where it really starts to feel like a museum. As you walk past the glass-enclosed car elevator, you’re treated to generations of road and racing Ferraris.

Ferrari South Bay

Sitting under cover in the center of the room are three of the company’s flagship supercars, the LaFerrari, valued at over $1.5 million each. Only 499 examples will be made and they’ve all been spoken for.

Ferrari LaFerrari

I’m told that these particular LaFerraris feature unique exterior paint colors and the owners wish to reveal them to the public later this summer during the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

Since these 950 horsepower hybrids were charging (789 hp engine, 161 hp electric motor), I did get to sneak a peak at their colors from the fuel cap, but I won’t ruin the surprise for everyone.

Ferrari 599XX Evo

Tucked away quietly in the corner is one of my favorite examples from Ferrari’s research and development program, the 599XX EVO.

Ferrari 599XX Evo

Cars with the XX designation are for track use only and employ “owner-test drivers” that travel to various circuits around the world with the support of a full crew. You might recognize this car from last year’s 60th anniversary celebration.

Ferrari 458 Speciale

There’s a lot to admire about these cars, from their racing heritage to the intricacies in their design, and they are best enjoyed in person.

Don’t let the high price tags and mystic aura of these vehicles dissuade you from visiting your local dealership. Remember to offer respect and gratitude, and all will be right in the House of Red.

Ferrari 599XX Evo

Photos taken with a Nikon D7200 + 18-140mm lens.

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